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Let’s take the overthinking out of holistic health

Finding balance in your life has gotten too complicated. With so many confusing supplements on offer, diet trends and experts, making choices that feel good has stopped being second nature. 

Nourishing your body has stopped being fun, and becoming a mental chore.

We don’t want that.

We’re here to take the overthinking out of health, by making products that are as functional and easy to use, as they are tasty. 

That means minimal ingredients, no additives, and nutrient-dense protein choices that fit into your life without any fuss.

The Second Nature journey

The result of 10,722 questions

10,722. That’s the number of times we’d guesstimate Co-Founder Kelsi (Healthy Kelsi) got asked which protein powder she used by her recipe book customers and 300k social media followers. But with her own criteria of delicious, all-natural, plant-based, and great for baking, she struggled to find a product she could happily recommend.

At that point, Kelsi and Co-Founder Andrew realised the only way to endorse a product that ticked all the boxes, was to make one. One without any nasties, additives, thickeners or sugar. 

After much testing the duo chose pea protein as the base, adding minimal ingredients to keep the formulation clean and natural. As a high-quality protein source that’s easily digestible, pea protein is suitable for any holistic health seeker no matter their dietary requirements. 

As firm believers that being healthy isn’t about limitations or fad diets, and instead is about fuelling your body and having fun, Kelsi and Andrew are excited to help you do that too.