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Article: Nutrition while traveling

Nutrition while traveling

nutrition while traveling


We've been traveling almost full time for the last 3 years so I’d say we’re almost experts in trying to find good food while traveling. Here’s our top tips!


Find your balance

Finding foods that have protein, carbs and fats to help keep you full and satisfied is a great thing to aim for (especially for breakfast.) I find this ensures you’re not stressed about being hungry throughout the day. Not going to lie in some countries it’s much harder than in others, so try not to worry too much if it’s just not a possibility.


Try the local cuisine

Why travel if you’re not going to try the local dishes? This is one of the best parts of travelling! Google Maps is a great way to seek out restaurants that are going to suit your needs. Local markets are also a great way to find fresh healthy produce.


Bring snacks

Bringing a backup option of bars, nuts, and single-serve protein powders is a great way to ensure you’re not going to go hungry. When you’re on a surfing trip on islands in the middle of nowhere these become essentials.


Don’t stress

 If you’re on holiday it’s really important to eat all of those delicious foods you’ve been excited to try. But it’s also not the last time you’ll ever eat these foods so be mindful and respect what your body is wanting.

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